Dubai Arte crafts market ❤️ . Sew it, knit this and scrap that in Dubai ❤️

Dubai is known for its glitzy hotels, shiny buildings and massive shopping malls . But the local community has a great crafty spirit brewing.

Dubai has many crafty people. During the winter season there are many markets where we can buy all sorts of hand made items, jewellery, cushions, decorations, clothes and many more.

Arte is one of the most known craft markets and a few times a month, gathers various crafters to sell their goods.

Last weekend , the market was on and it looked colourful and full of creativity.  Two of the most popular crafts in Dubai are sewing and jewellery.

There was a blend of colours and amazing creations.  I caught some on camera but there were much more such as art prints, handmade soaps and rainbow macaroons!

Tutus were popular with more than one stall. There were also gorgeous sewing creations from Lulabeau for children bedrooms and Wild things , that made beautiful panels for bunk beds ❤️.

I also found a crafter, I had met, in a previous market, the amazing Lola jewellery. To add to my gorgeous hot air balloon necklace, I bought matching earrings and this key pendant. Her jewellery is so unusual and eye catching , that makes her stand out in the markets. She also, makes bracelets and cuff links with glasses images. Check her out on Facebook.

If you fancy taking up a craft in Dubai, check out craftland and remade DXB for classes. I also have a crafts group page,, if you want ask for info , share projetcs and coffee meet ups. ❤️


One thought on “Dubai Arte crafts market ❤️ . Sew it, knit this and scrap that in Dubai ❤️

  1. Hey Lolliheart – this is a wonderful post about your ARTE visit. Come again soon, and say hello… We love to walk around with you. xxx Miriam ARTE


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