Big Eyes – Margaret Keane 

I never heard of Margaret Keane before. Until I watched , a few weeks back, the movie, Big Eyes. 

Actors, Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz star, under director Tim Burton. The movie is a biopic about a painter, Margaret Keane. I won’t spoil the movie , which is good but what really fascinated me, was the discovery of Margaret .

She made this child like characters, with big eyes, inspired by her daughter.  Eyes that talk to you and so intriguing that I can’t stop staring. With different settings, they all send a message and at the same time, a different one , too.
She has made these paitings for decades but for a long time, someone else took the credit for her work.
The big eye paintings are unique and I am so very glad that this lady is, finally, getting the acclamation, she deserves . Just like her, her big eyes are unassuming and unpretentious, they  just are and that s what makes them so special.

Check out my Pinterest board, for more of Margaret s big eyes ❤️


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