Harmony in the desert ❤️- Bab Al Shams hotel resort, Dubai

Peaceful at the desert ❤️
Peaceful at the desert ❤️

A short drive from the centre of Dubai, is the Bab al Shams desert resort hotel. We took a day package of 175 dhs, for adults.

Away from the traffic and construction noise, it s the perfect spot to recharge your energy. Built into the desert , with a low rise building, it blends in and it explores the beautiful views of the endless sand. It has various coves, which provide privacy and a few water fountains throughout the pool.

We took little Carys with us and she spent most of her time, swimming around, in and out of imagethe fountains but there’s little else to entertain children.

There s a snack bar but expect high prices 😏.

Bab al shams provides an unique experience , in the desert , it’s quietness and smooth sandy hills, with a pool, close by, to refresh you.

So worth the visit ❤️


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