Carys changing rooms ❤️

Since becoming a mum, decorating my daughter s room , has always been, a mirror to my undying love for her. Every little detail counts❤️

I thrive to express her magic, through all the little pieces around her room. Carys is now 9 and this is a tricky stage to decorate her room. Carys is not a toddler anymore but she s not a teenager too, so she s a young girl, in between growing stages ❤️

Pottery barn bunk bed ❤️
 Pottery barn bunk bed ❤️

 Recently, we made Carys dream come true, and we bought her a bunk bed from Pottery Barn. This clever bed, has the bed on top and underneath, storage book shelves and a desk.

Fairy dolls and crowns are a most in this theme
Fairy dolls and crowns are a most in this theme
Pottery barn kids

Children nostalgia  children nostalgia theme

 I took the chance to revamp Carys s room and was inspired by the children nostalgia theme that celebrates all things magical and fairytale like , about childhood 👑🎈

We are in between moves, and while we are in Dubai, we ve tried to make it as homely as possible. But I do miss, my own house. I invested in a few more frames and fairy dolls from Pottery barn. This American shop, has been a revelation to me. We don’t have it in the UK and the detail of their decorations for children rooms are amazing. Their rooms are magical and make your little ones, feel like a princess and a prince ❤️ Unfortunately, the price tag can be high, so I try to take advantage of the sales 😊😊

The room still has play area and a storage unit with her toys. But under her bed, she has a more grown up area , that should grow up with her, for a few years.

I just don’t want her to grow too fast …❤️


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