Enchanting Sintra, Portugal ❤️

I’ve started my holidays, in my beautiful home country, Portugal. A quick drive from Lisbon, is the enchanting town of Sintra.

As you arrive into it, you step into the fairytale world of princess like palaces, narrow roads, adorned by overgrown trees, ancient statues and relic tiles around the walkways and pavements. Up and down hills , green scenarios and a picture like town centre, finish the unique setting of sintra.

Everything single tile, corner and charming old buildings are a treasure and so much so, that it has been a world heritage site (UNESCO) for many years. It has many parks and historical palaces such as Pena Palace, Park of Montserrat and the Moorish castle on the hills. The National Palace of Sintra is in the town centre.

Palacio da Pena , Quinta da Regaleira

Inside these palaces, you’ll be marvelled by the romantic architecture, the beautiful wall paitings and the detail of it all. Most of these buildings have been restored. They are surrounded by amazing gardens that have imported plants, adorning the palaces for years.

Palacio Montserrat, the inside and Quinta da Regaleria building

This year, I explored, in more detail, the Montserrat palace, it’s interior and the exquisite gardens that have been awarded the European award, last year. Inside, you can explore the different restored rooms in the Palace, the library and the kitchen, were quite special with the original seats, books and cooking pans. There is also a piano, in the main living room that still stages musical evenings.

Sintra cobbled streets and the National Palace

Sintra has inspired royalty, artists and writers over the years and you can see why. The town itself, is old and charming with its narrow streets and ancient buildings.

I was particularly proud, showing ,my daughter Carys Mar, round. It ‘s so important for me that she learns about her heritage, just like I did 👑. Carys, particularly loved the gardens and it’s different flowers. The old library in Montserrat, was also a favourite.

If you want to read more about the history of this town and its palaces, check out the official site, http://www.parquesdesintra.pt/en/

It’s history is intriguing, and you too, like many others, will be marvelled by it. ❤️


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