A Fairytale visit to Kensington Palace ❤️

Today, Carys and mama, set off to Kensington Palace. We do love fairytales and palaces are just perfect.

We walked through Kensington Park and there it was, behind a beautiful gold gate, Kensington Palace.

Compared to Buckingham Palace, it is more bare and simple and it felt like we’re stepping into someone’s house. In this case, HRH William and Kate. The couple, until the birth of princess Charlotte, lived full time in the private apartments. Prince George, was, often, seen playing in the grounds. Now, it’s their London home, when come away from their countryside retreat.

Kensington Palace has had many high profile residents, such as Queen Victoria and Princess Margaret.

Home feel- endearing pic of Diana and family pics and cushion seen at the palace
Home feel- endearing pic of Diana and family pics and cushion seen at the palace

Currently, there’s two exhibitions taking place, royal fashion and discovering Queen Victoria .

We visited the fashion exhibit first. Carys was amazed with the  gowns, most of them belong to the current Queen. Diana, was also, celebrated and a few of her gowns were in display.

Kensington Palace fashion exhibition

After, we went to the Queen Victoria exhibition and it was portrayed through a great love story, with husband, Prince Albert. Many trinkets and objects,  memories wof this love story, create a fairytale .





HRH dresses were also on display and the black dress, she wore as a widow, was particularly striking. This also backed up Carys history knowledge 👑

We followed to the King’s and Queen’s apartments, full of stories and royal grand decor.

Queen Victoria display and her presence in and outside the palace👑

We also had gifts for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, which Qthe staff, very kindly took from us. Carys was hoping to see Kate, though!!!

Kensington Palace visit 💖

After, it was time for a snack and explore the castle grounds. Carys loved the sunken garden and chased some squirrels for photos.

A fairytale visit wasn’t finished without a ride in a fairytale horse. ❤️🎈







http://www.hrp.org.uk/KensingtonPalace/ for visiting info.


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