Baking with daddy ❤️ #familybaking

Carys has always enjoyed baking with daddy. Ever since, she was a toddler, Sunday mornings were often, baking time.

Mummy is amazing at eating cakes, but when it comes to baking them – cakes, just simply, don’t happen for me.😂

Yesterday, we were in a tight schedule, as we were cooking lunch, too but this didn’t bother the wiz baking team. With bolognaise cooking on one side, the chocolate cake operation was on.


Carys usually weighs everything and puts it into the mixer. This cake is particularly delicious, with lots of dark cocoa and ioghurt, which makes it so moist.

Soon, it was all ready to bake. Carys and daddy helped each other with the eggs, flour and made sure it was all mixed nicely ❤️. Perfect teamwork!!










Once, it’s in the oven, mama and Carys fight over the mix. I know, not good but tastes so nice.

Later, in the afternoon, we had a slice with some rasperrries and yoghurt.

It’s lovely to see them in the kitchen creating something together and enjoying the results. If you fancy more baking tips with children, check out  the book below. We have had it for years and we are still using it.

Until next time. ❤️


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