Cath Kidston – the queen of vintage #design # British vintage #craft

Most of us have seen one of cath kidston prints, or least a copy of it. We either love it or hate it. These prints already existed but cath kidston brought it round again, with style and turned it into a multi million empire.



Originally an interior designer, she decided to open a store in London with recycled furniture and embroidered towels . Within a few years she had over one hundred shops .

Her prints are floral and nostalgic. Bringing back crafts such embroidery, knitting and sewing. Cath kidston products range from bags, wallets, towels , mugs, dresses and much more. But the British heritage feel is always the same.


The shops look pretty and inviting with bright reds, blues and green tones. There’s also a variation in the floral prints. Her bags are particularly, popular, made of thick cotton or pvc exterior.
Despite its commercial success, what Cath Kidston did for me , was to try and do some decorating myself. Such as making my own cushion or a knitted tea cosy. This required lessons and perseverance , but when I manage to produce something, it’s very rewarding.

Cath kidston celebrates the British style and countryside living. The style is unique and it’s doesn’t always fit everyone’ s idea of home design.

This summer, I visited some of her stores in the UK, including the flagship shop in Piccadilly Circus. London. They are bright, with lots of products to choose from. Some of the shops have crafts lessons.  They all stick to the same design, reinforcing Cath Kidston trademark.


A few books have also been released with step by step instructions and good photos. Have a look, you might surprise yourself. 
Cath Kidston is all about nostalgia, heritage and old fashioned traditions with a modern twist in it ❤️ what do you think? 


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