Party season for mamas #xmas #festive #looks #outfits #parties

Xmas is just around the corner and so many parties, not enough sleep 😀. I ‘ll probably be behind my sewing machine practicing in my seasonal elf craft room but I will try to squeeze into a couple of festive outfits.

In the last few years, Xmas jumpers have become very popular for the whole family. As soon as Xmas is finished, they look horrid , how did I ever think of this but as Xmas is back, they seem so cool all over again. A bit like giving birth, you forget all about it !! This year, Xmas dresses are in too. These are good options if you don’t want to worry too much about the right outfit. eBay sells mother and daughter versions ❤️

Check out my flipgram, has some make up and outfit looks. Red skirts, cosmic dresses, gown style dresses, the choice is wide and the high street stores have amazing looks for reasonable prices. The make up is simple but good enough to hide tired eyes, which will be mine.

Take on  the festive season and be merry a lot 😀❤️🎄


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